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Information for churches considering expansion

When expanding, it is important to consider all future uses of the property. Creating a Master Plan can help to incorporate the future goals of the church and determine the best way to implement the expansion.

There are four major steps involved in creating a Master Plan:


One: Make a Business Plan

  • Outline attendance goals, financial goals, facility goals.
  • Analyze program goals, which may include after school programs, elderly care and child care.


Two: Make a Financial Plan

  • Analyze your budget – How much revenue will you need to generate to allow for the desired expansion?
  • How much extra revenue can you generate with the expansion?
    • Building a Day Care Facility or Gym for after-school activities.


Three: Determine the new requirements for the expansion

  • Consider future buildings and property use.
  • Be Sure that you have sufficient land and parking for your future endeavors.
  • A Planner can help you understand the municipal restrictions for your property.
    • Zoning changes may be required.
    • New parking or road access may be required.
    • Environmental Concerns such as Wetlands or Floodplains may be a factor.
    • Retention, sewer and water requirements may be required.

Four: Incorporate both the church’s goals and municipal requirements

  • Often you may be able to obtain a Master Plan Approval from the City, which will allow the church to develop the property at it’s own pace without being required to repeat the approval process.


In almost 40 years of experience, we have found that creating a Master Plan helps to focus the goals of the church and is an important step towards making those goals a reality.


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